What to expect

Welcome to my new blog, if you’re coming from my other one you may find something very different about it.

Instead of the traditional => "Hello World" most first posts always do, I’ll get straight to the point.

This is my personal blog, where i’ll post about whatever I find very interesting and worth a post.

Expect some posts to cover technology, software engineering, computer science, startups, security, open source, (and my favorite) animation1. But that’s not all.

If time permits, I plan on posting experimental content. Some of these are derived from my software and animations such as sketches, sample code, GIFs! (or JIFs???) and especially zines!2.

This will benefit readers those who like to look at graphics, instead of walls of text. I’m sure I’ll enjoy creating graphics for this blog as I did on my other one.

Here are some of my “greatest hits” from my previous blog.

Bypassing “Snaptcha”

Creating exclusive wifi hotspots with emoji

Setting up Let’s Encrypt on Dokku

Peach App Token Reuse Flaw


Some other things you should know about this site:

  • Accessibility and Readability comes first.
  • This site mintains a zero dead link policy3.
  • Translations to other languages are welcome, please contact me about this.
  • RSS and JSON feeds are available.
  • Dark mode is available for night owls.
  • …and finally, JavaScript is not required to view this site (except dark mode, sorry).
  1. There will be some random miscellaneous posts too, but don’t expect too much of those… ;) 

  2. I recommend reading Julia Evans’s post on this. 

  3. Unless otherwise stated, If the original link is dead and no other replacement exists, archive.org will be used as a fallback. 

© 2020 Wesley Hill