Hey there! I’m Wesley Hill. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Lincoln, I currently reside in London, UK.

Here on my personal blog, you’ll find posts that cover mainly computer science, programming and other random findings I discover. This post explains in-depth on what to expect.

I also produce animations on YouTube as a hobby and it has a separate blog at hakobaito.co.uk.

A lot of my animations and hobby projects makes use of technology that I create, so expect some deep technical stuff to be discussed on this blog.

You can subscribe to my ATOM or JSON feeds for blog updates. I have a twitter if you use that sort of thing.

Most of my software projects are on GitHub, with some of them going to be open sourced in the future (I have a loooong list). But for now, most notably:

Regular Projects

projects • hakobyte — A project tracker for my animations and software. — why?

Swell — An ambitious flash animation tracker. — why?

Open Source Projects

branca — Secure alternative to JWT. Authenticated Encrypted API Tokens for Go. (see branca.io for more info)

durafmt — Better time duration formatting in Go!

masqueraide — an AI/Bot library designed to run on social networks.

littlesnapper — A cute Snapchat printer.

casper / ghost — Snapchat API libraries for Go.

bbcli — Browse BBC News like a hacker.

afto — An automated command-line Cydia repo generator/builder and server.


You can contact me below: (Use PGP if you wish to contact me via encrypted email)

email: my name [ta] this domain [tod] co [tod] uk(pgp)

twitter: @hakobyte

github: hako

keybase: hako

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